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The original idea for The CEU Group was devised in 2011 when the Business Director of a pediatric therapy practice in Arizona uncovered that most healthcare providers and licensed professionals he knew were trying to scratch together enough people for each seminar or continuing education course to get the group rate to benefit all involved. The entrepreneurial light went on in his head and he spent the next several months working on making The CEU Group a reality.



The CEU Group has since grown to include all licensed and certified professionals desiring to increase his or her marketability within their industry or specialty.  We are a gathering place of cost-conscious, working and learning licensed professionals who are seeking the best continuing educational seminars and workshops in our field.  We are also a location where organizations and professional continuing education providers can come to increase their visibility with their targeted audience of these same professionals.


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The CEU Group is a win-win-win situation for all involved.


The CEU Group has a vast network of working and learning licensed professionals as well as great connections with providers of continuing educational seminars, workshops, conferences, and events.  We have brought these two parties together for the first time to create great value for all parties involved.  Think of The CEU Group as the continuing education provider for licensed professionals as Expedia is to travelers.

So far, on average, our clients have saved 10-30% off on their registration fees for conferences by leveraging the power of The CEU Group‘s networks.


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