Simple Staging Solutions for Selling Success
08 Sep

Simple Staging Solutions for Selling Success

We’ve got some insider tips and secrets of how to highlight your client’s home’s strengths, downplay any weaknesses, and appeal to your prospective pool of buyers anxiously awaiting with baited breath.  

6 Can’t-Miss Staging Solutions

Step up curb appeal.

A photo by Jakob Owens.

You’ve heard of first impressions making lasting impressions.  This is the same for houses.  In fact, many people judge a home by the outside first before even stepping foot inside.  Make sure your home is ready to lure in onlookers with these staging solutions:

  • Plant bright, beautiful flowers and fresh greenery
  • Make sure the lawn is mowed and looks green
  • Wash the front windows
  • Power wash siding and walkways

Make the master bedroom appeal to both sexes.


You want the master bedroom—and any room for that matter—to not be too gender-specific.  The walls should be painted a neutral color and then accessorize with items that compliment that overall color scheme.  

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Make it shiny and sparkly and spic and span.


From gleaming windows to sparkling floors to clean counters and scrubbed grout, every surface in the house should be clean and shiny.  Don’t ever skimp on this step.  We know you’re busy! You may consider hiring some recommended pros to get the job done well, especially if it’s a really big house.

Clear out the clutter.


If you’re serious about really finding the best staging solutions, all the clutter must go.  End of story.  It may not be the easiest task, but it will be well worth the trouble.  Clear out surfaces, floors and closets.  Anything that equals more space in the eyes of potential buyers should be clutter-free.

Find your symmetry.

living room

Think about rearranging the living room furniture.  Typically, symmetrical arrangements work well.  Here are 40 living room symmetrical arrangement ideas from Real Simple that will give you a head start.  

Avoid strong scents.


Even though a certain smell may be pleasing to you, it could be off-putting to potential buyers.  Don’t light any scented candles or have flowers out that are too fragrant.  

Staging your house the right way is critical.  Utilizing these staging solutions is the key to quickly selling your home and at the best price.  

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