5 Tips to Becoming an Indispensable Real Estate Agent
16 Jun

5 Tips to Becoming an Indispensable Real Estate Agent

If you want to set yourself apart and win more clients, you need to differentiate yourself from the long lineup of successful real estate agents.  Every year there are an increasing number of real estate agents, which doesn’t make setting yourself apart a simple task.  However, by enhancing your current abilities and adding new skills, you can be absolutely sure you are heading in the right direction.

Here are a few tips to becoming an indispensable real estate agent.

Start networking.

You need to find a specific audience group to which you should start marketing yourself.  Succeeding as a networker depends on finding the right group of people to build relationships with.  This will not only help you to enhance your reputation but will allow you to uncover new prospects, and for them to discover you!

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Specialize.  As a real estate agent trying to stand out, it’s important to focus your career development on mastering a sub-sector of your market.  For example, focus on a specific type of client like military families or a particular zip code or neighborhood.

Be a smart marketer.

Marketing a property is essential but you also need to market yourself.  The product is none other than you—the real estate agent.  You should market yourself as a competitive, credible and valuable agent by having the knowledge and confidence about your industry. You can share this expertise through a blog or social media.

Leverage the internet.

Real real estate agent pros know which tools to use and how to use them.  Here are some ways to leverage the internet:

  • Incorporate social media. Use your blog as a source of quality, useful information and share your posts on social media  People will come to you for valuable information and it will help to establish your brand to further separate you from the competitors.
  • Use video. People can look at pictures of your listings all day.  But what if you were to include a 5 minute video walk through on your website and YouTube? Or how powerful would it be to share video testimonials of happy clients?

Become a leader in your industry.

It is critical to establish yourself as an industry expert.  If you provide a wealth of content online, you become a greater asset to your client.  Your target audience is looking for content—that includes written, photos and videos.  They want to know that you are the go-to expert in the real estate industry.    

We hope you found these tips useful to growing your real estate business and setting yourself apart from the pack!

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