Do This and Save on Early Childhood Education CEUs
27 Jul

Do This and Save on Early Childhood Education CEUs

If you work in early childhood education, then you know how costly it can be to give your employees opportunity for continual learning. It sort of puts you between a rock and hard place, doesn’t it? Of course you want your employees to thrive and be successful, but in order for that to happen, you have to provide them with resources and continuing education. Well, we have a solution for you: discounted continuing education courses with flexible learning methods.

The CEU Group Has Partnered with ContinuED

At The CEU Group, we strive to provide discounted continuing education courses for a variety of professions – real estate, physical therapists, nurses, you name it! The list goes on. However, when it comes to early childhood education providers, we know that time and budgets can be tight. It’s important for your staff to get the learning they need, but it can be tough to figure how to provide that.

So, we partnered with ContinuED.

Who is ContinuED?

ContinuED provides online professional development for early childhood education providers when they need it, and where the need it. Additionally, it’s much less expensive than an in-person conference or seminar your staff might usually attend.

At $99 per year, you would get unlimited course access that can help you and your teachers learn valuable skills and earn accredited CEUs. All of their courses are practical and research based. Courses are led by expert trainers who will help you stay up-to-date on best practices to implement for your classroom, school, or child care center.

Some of the course topics include:

  • Special Needs
  • Challenging Behavior
  • Health and Safety
  • Learning Environments
  • Family Engagement

Because courses are taught online, your teachers can learn on a flexible schedule and in a comfortable atmosphere. Not only are you saving money by taking ContinuED courses, but you save even more when using The CEU Group’s early childhood education promo code during sign up.

Still not quite sure how it works?

The CEU Group is a site that partners with accredited programs, such as ContinuED, in order to offer great discounts for online continuing education courses. These courses also cover a variety of professions like early childhood education. Use promo code CEU015 when signing up with ContinuED and you will receive 13 months for the price of 12 months –  which is an incredible deal!

Our partnerships with high quality continuing education providers help to save you, and your team, time and money while putting you all on the road to success. Check out our full list of continuing education providers and promo codes here. Then, choose the courses you need, enter the code, and enjoy that discount!

Looking for more tips on navigating the world of continuing education? Download The CEU Group’s FREE guide on how to choose and register for the best courses for your career. Continuing education just got a little bit easier – Click here to download today.

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