Get Inspired: Follow These Top Real Estate Influencers on Instagram
24 Nov

Get Inspired: Follow These Top Real Estate Influencers on Instagram

Real estate is both an incredibly competitive field and a rewarding one. When it comes to creating a successful real estate career, making connections should be number one on your list of priorities (aside from ensuring you have all the proper certifications and licensing). So, how do you make quick, meaningful relationships in today’s fast paced digital world? Social media.

If you want to learn how to increase your reach, and therefore your potential profit, here are 5 top real estate influencers on Instagram that you need to follow right now.

5 Inspiring Real Estate Influencers on Instagram That Do it Right

Sarah Johnston

She’s a real estate agent in Calgary who has proven that people really do care about what you have to say as an agent. Her 16,000+ followers should convince you that you need to make connecting on social media priority numero uno. And, also, that having a sense of humor can help you go quite far.

Chelsea Peitz

Selling real estate is just one of the many things that Chelsea Peitz does. However, her Instagram is incredibly useful if you’re just starting out in the biz. She shares plenty of fun and smart buying and selling strategies.

Tom Ferry

With over 71K followers, Tom Ferry is an incredible real estate influencer on Instagram. He shares an awesome combination of useful coaching tips as well as a peek into his real life and family. He proves that you can connect with followers by being authentic and sharing valuable tips and lessons learned in his years of experience.

Bianca and Sara

Bianca and Sara are a real estate duo out of San Diego. Their feed features houses they’ve listed and sold and their sense of humor shines through every post. In addition, they offer plenty of tips to other aspiring real estate agents.

Fredrik Eklund

This man is basically a celebrity. Follow his feed for major lifestyle inspiration if your goal is to become a top real estate broker. He shares mostly photos of his personal life, but occasionally you’ll get a glimpse into what it’s like to be super successful in real estate and on social media (he has a following of almost 700K).

While killing it on social media isn’t the only thing you should be doing for your real estate career, it definitely helps. When you take control of your social media, you will find an opportunity to connect with real buyers and sellers, as well as get the word out about your real estate business. Now’s the time to make a change in how you promote your business and yourself – use these 5 real estate influencers for inspiration and you’ll be on your way to success.

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