Top Traits of Successful Real Estate Agents
19 May

Top Traits of Successful Real Estate Agents

What makes a successful real estate agent?  Perhaps you are already immersed in the industry as an agent yourself, or maybe you are thinking about a career in real estate but wondering if it’s right for you?  The better suited you are to be a real estate agent, the more likely you are to thoroughly enjoy it and perform exceptionally well.  

We’ve discovered there are a number of qualities and traits that make up a successful real estate agent.  Do you share these traits?


You’ve heard the saying, ‘knowledge is power’.   You will be able to service your clients more efficiently if you are up-to-date on the latest real estate industry topics and local knowledge.  Continuing education and professional development are doors to opportunity that you can utilize to stay at the forefront of the real estate industry.  

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There’s a fine line between being perseverant and pushy—walk that line delicately.  Understand that a “no” today doesn’t mean a “no” forever—or even in the next few weeks.  Prioritize leads, follow up and cultivate your client relationships.  Hot Tip:  never call a prospect without having something new to offer them.  It could be some new news or a recent transaction—always have something to add value to the conversation.  

Engaging Personality

A successful real estate agent not only sells properties, they sell themselves.  People will respond to an authentic and engaging personality—someone who exudes positivity, who is personable, honest and confident in their abilities.  

Attention to Detail

Your clients count on you to know the process inside and out and to help guide them every step of the way.  Any errors, omissions or missing paperwork can potentially blow an entire deal.  It’s imperative to pay close attention to detail for your real estate career.  Be attentive to the unique needs of your clients.  

Creative Thinking

The real estate industry is ever-changing.  Stay current and ahead of the competition with creative thinking.  This also helps to play a role in your ability to negotiate and market on your client’s behalf, developing marketing strategies for your listings and ways to stay top-of-mind in your realm of influence.  

Successful real estate agents share these key traits and qualities.  If you are passionate about real estate and have similar traits to those we outlined here, you have an excellent shot at having a long and successful real estate career!  


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