3 Hacks to Help You Get Organized at Work
04 May

3 Hacks to Help You Get Organized at Work

Does your workspace look like a tornado hit it?  Your desk can say a ton about what kind of person you are.  If your desk is pretty messy, it may not be the best reflection of your job performance.  Scary, huh?

Desks are the pedestals of our productivity.  The way we organize the stuff on them—or not—has a huge effect on how well or even if we get things done each day.  Think of organization as your key component to productivity.  When clutter starts to pile up, our attention dwindles and performance can suffer as a result. So if your desk is covered in stacks of who even knows what or looks like a sticky note explosion, maybe it’s time to get organized and gain more clarity about your workload.  

If your desk is a disaster, we have 3 brilliant tips on how to get organized for the ultimate productivity boost.  

Get rid of the clutter 

To get organized, get rid of the non-essentials.  Cutting out the clutter and things you just don’t need will make your workspace more functional and productive.  Try this rule:  if you haven’t used something in the past three months, get rid of it or store it away from your desk and out of eyesight.  

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Segment your work zones

One of the best ways you can get organized is to have different work zones.  There are times our work requires different spaces and tools to trigger a better output and outcome. Try segmenting your work zones into a computer workstation and non-computer work space.  

Don’t forget to organize your virtual WORK-SPACE

Your computer is its own workstation that is equally important to get organized.  Organize it the same way you would organize that pile of paperwork on your desk—files and a simple one-touch system.  Another easy strategy to consider is to start time blocking when you check your email—otherwise your computer can become a time-sucking distractions.  Here are some time blocking tips from Entrepreneur to help ramp up your productivity.  

When your workspace is organized, it becomes easier to streamline both your actions and thoughts.  It’s time to clear the clutter and reclaim your workspace with these tips to get organized once and for all!

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