The 3 Most Important Skills That a Land Surveyor Needs
07 Apr

The 3 Most Important Skills That a Land Surveyor Needs

Land surveying is a challenging job that requires a very particular set of skills and knowledge.  From mapping sites for new commercial or residential developments, to analyzing land for archaeology, no two days are the same for a land surveyor.

It’s crucial that the work is carried out to a high standard to avoid any problems once development work or other processes begin on site. If you are seeking a job as a land surveyor, or looking to enhance your professional career, it’s important to understand the skills and traits required.

Here are some distinctive traits identified as differentiators amongst land surveyors, that truly allow them to be stellar at their jobs.  

3 Traits of an Indispensable Land Surveyor

Attention to detail

A surveyor’s job is all about accuracy. Whether you’re determining boundaries, mapping topography, or performing construction layouts, your work needs to be as close to perfect as possible.

Enjoy working both outdoors & behind a computer

Many surveyors today need to be a little tech savvy. You’ll be required to navigate sensitive equipment, process data, and produce survey maps using AutoCAD or similar programs. At the same time, today’s surveyor will still need to spend time out in the field. This could include collecting data or staking for construction. Sometimes surveyors find themselves in harsh weather conditions or over rugged terrain.

Possess both legal and mathematical knowledge

Although computer programs do a lot of the work for a surveyor these days, it’s still important to be proficient in math. Surveying is all numbers and jobs are often completed through the use of trigonometric equations.

While an in-depth knowledge of trigonometry is paramount, almost equally important is the knowledge of land law. This is especially true when performing boundary surveys, creating legal descriptions, determining senior rights, and working with property owners and attorneys through boundary disputes. Basically, you could be called to court to act as an expert witness.

As a land surveyor, keeping up with your continuing education is crucial to helping you prepare and advance your career. A land surveyor is called upon to have expertise in a variety of areas, such as math, law, and a thorough attention to detail. Give your career and mind a boost by keeping up with the latest in education. You’ll quickly become an indispensable professional land surveyor.

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Originally published October 19, 2017 – updated April 7, 2019

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