3 Steps for Giving Positive Feedback at Work
14 Sep

3 Steps for Giving Positive Feedback at Work

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”
-Ken Blanchard

Feedback can be a funny thing. Everyone loves receiving positive feedback, but no one really likes to give it out. Giving negative feedback can be hard and something you dread more than…well…cleaning the toilet (sorry it was the first analogy we could think of). But did you know that most leaders aren’t so great at giving positive feedback either?  

But whatever your feelings on feedback are, it’s necessary. Without feedback, there’s no improvement and without improvement, things start to go downhill.  

In an article from Forbes, they referenced an impactful quote from Scott Halford, author of Be a Shortcut: The Secret Fast Track to Business Success who said, “Positive feedback stimulates the reward centers in the brain, leaving the recipient open to taking new direction. Meanwhile, negative feedback indicates that an adjustment needs to be made and the threat response turns on and defensiveness sets in.”

Giving positive feedback, or any feedback for that matter, is crucial to keeping employees engaged and happy. And retaining them! Because at the end of the day, employees leave managers, not companies.  

Here’s how you can get back on track to giving positive feedback to spur on growth and improvement in your office.  

3 Steps to Start Giving Positive Feedback at Work

Pick the Right Setting

For employees to really absorb what you’re telling them, they need to be in a place where they feel safe. If the person doesn’t feel comfortable, it can cause the feedback to ultimately be unproductive. You may assume that it’s fine to praise them in front of others, but not every employee is receptive to public praise. Always opt for a private meeting when giving positive feedback to avoid someone feeling uncomfortable in the spotlight.  

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Don’t Waste Time

According to Scott Halford, “the adult brain learns best by being caught in action.” Give feedback as soon as possible after a situation or event has occurred. Giving positive feedback immediately is so much easier because everything will be fresh in both parties’ minds.  

Be Specific

A vague “good job” just doesn’t cut it when giving positive feedback. Use the employee’s name and describe specifically the actions they took to achieve the positive outcome. When you describe in detail what you appreciate about their efforts, they’ll know exactly how to keep performing in the future to continue to deliver positive results.

Use these tips on how to start giving positive feedback the right way to achieve the right results and watch it have an amazing effect on your team.

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