3 Stress-Free Ways to Complete Your Continuing Education
14 Jun

3 Stress-Free Ways to Complete Your Continuing Education

It’s super common for most people to put a hold on their professional development due to the stress of the day-to-day. From demanding full-time jobs to hectic family responsibilities, daily stressors can hinder you from pursuing the continuing education and professional development programs necessary to stay relevant, licensed, and competitive in your career.

It might be stressful, but if your industry requires continuing education, it can’t be avoided. To handle it with ease, here are 3 ways to make earning your CEUs a little less stressful.

3 Stress-Free Ways to Complete Your Continuing Education Every Year


When tackling your continuing education courses, you need to be prepared to be flexible. And to be flexible, you have to give yourself enough time to complete your credits throughout the year so you don’t find yourself frazzled at every licensing deadline.

When planning out your course schedule every year, leave yourself room for any unexpected events during your day, particularly if you have a full-time job and family. When you build some slack into your schedule, it will help you manage those unforeseen obstacles without breaking a sweat or missing a deadline.

Life happens. Plan accordingly.  


Keep in mind why you started your career in the first place. When you get to the root of your motivation and establish specific goals, it can keep you inspired and make it easier to carve out time necessary for your required continuing education. Setting goals also gives you focus. Decide in advance what your goals are. Then, focus all of your energy on getting what you want out of each class. This will help you to follow through on completing your CEUs and implementing all you’ve learned into your daily job.


Try choosing continuing education courses at a time that you know will work best for you. It can be tempting to skip classes, especially after putting in a full workday. But going straight to your computer (or classroom) will help to reduce the urge to blow off your continuing education.  Most courses only last an hour or two, so they won’t take up too much time out of your day. Try to take as many online classes as you can. This way you’ll always be in control of your “class time”.

Don’t put continuing education on the back burner anymore.  It doesn’t have to be just about “getting your hours in.” Instead, use these 3 tips to take charge and make it a beneficial, stress-free learning experience.  

When you’re a busy professional, staying on top of your continuing education can be tough. RECEIVE UPDATED DISCOUNT CODES FROM THE CEU GROUP. When your license is coming up for renewal, we’ll help ensure you’re always on top of your credits.

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