3 Simple Ways to Earn Your CEUs
01 Jun

3 Simple Ways to Earn Your CEUs

Doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, CPA’s, real estate agents and other similar professionals are required to participate in continuing education courses to keep their license or certification. Earning these CEUs ensures that you stay up to date on the latest knowledge, techniques, tools and strategies within your respective field.

Many individuals are in jobs that don’t require they earn CEUs, but they choose to take continuing education courses to learn something new or to give themselves a competitive edge at work for a desired raise or promotion.

Whatever your reasons, there are plenty of class options out there to fit your busy schedule and specific lifestyle.

Here are three different ways you can earn your continuing education (CEUs) this year.

3 Ways You Can Earn Your CEUs

Earn CEUs Online

More recently, and in light of many states enforcing stay-at-home orders, online courses have been the go to channel for continuing education for many individuals.

Online education is one of the most convenient ways you can earn your CEUs. Whether you’re working full time, live in rural areas or have obligations that keep you tied close to home, you can’t beat the convenience of immediate accessibility and no commute.

Online classes may include live webinars, seminars, reading and more – often that you are able to watch in your own time.

Many times taking online courses is more affordable for individuals than other forms of continuing education since you only need your computer to attend and you don’t need to pay travel costs. Since deliverability and expenses are often lower for the provider as well, the price points can be lower too.

Attend a Conference

However, if getting out of the house is an option – an in-person conference is the route to go. Search for national, regional or state conferences and make it a combined personal and professional getaway!  Conferences often offer multiple tracks to give you variety in your educational opportunities and keeping it interesting for you.

In addition, conferences open the door to incredible networking that could connect you with fellow colleagues or present future job opportunities.

Take a Class

Taking a class in person is a great option for an immersive learning experience that still offers some personalization. Taking a class still provides networking opportunities too.

As things begin to open back up, more continuing education classes are getting scheduled again for the year. Most organizations will offer classes that fit varying schedules, including  night classes, weekend courses, or daytime courses.

No matter how you earn your CEUs, you’ll be sure to reap the benefits.

Continuing education is a great way to stay at the top of your field and keep your certification current. Time devoted to classes, conferences and webinars will help you to sharpen your edge in today’s competitive work environment.

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Originally Published June 3, 2014 – Updated June 1, 2020.

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