Leverage Your Best Learning Style for Success
29 Jun

Leverage Your Best Learning Style for Success

It’s incredibly difficult trying to learn something new and there are times that you just cannot seem to grasp it.  Whether it’s a class you take for continuing education or a skill needed for the workplace, it’s just plain frustrating when you just can’t seem to get your brain to comprehend.

But don’t get down on yourself. Instead consider that you may not be harnessing the right learning style for you.  If you’re having a hard time when everyone else seems to be following along just fine, the answer may lie in your particular type of learning style.  By discovering your learning style, you can improve efficiency and effectiveness.  

Identify Your Learning Style

It’s important to uncover your learning style in order to process new information in a more effective and efficient manner.  Identify the best way you retain knowledge and use your learning style to your advantage.

We all process information differently and it’s critical to realize how you specifically learn so that you understand what types of environments and situations help you learn best. Information enters our brain in three main ways: hearing, sight and touch.  Figure out which learning style is best for you and learn how to use it to enhance your work or school experience to reach higher levels of success.  

Which Learning Style Are You?

Visual Learning Style

Processing with your eyes

  • Find it easier to learn by reading and studying written words or by viewing videos, charts and other visual elements
  • Would rather read and write than listen
  • Difficulty remembering verbal instructions
  • It’s easy to follow written directions
  • Does best when you have something demonstrated before trying it


Auditory Learning Style

Processing through your ears

  • Prefers verbal instructions over written ones
  • Enjoys working with a group
  • Remembers by listening
  • Retain knowledge best through sound and music
  • Talk to yourself or read aloud
  • Has trouble working quietly for long periods of time

Kinetic Learning Style

Processing by doing

  • Learns best through feeling or touching
  • To stay focused, needs to swing, move or tap a leg
  • Learns best from demonstrations, hands-on learning
  • Often needs frequent breaks
  • Learns spelling by “finger spelling”
  • Takes notes or doodles while listening

Discover and harness your learning style to attain your goals the best way possible  

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