4 Tips to Better Meetings
12 Oct

4 Tips to Better Meetings

We’ve all been pulled into meetings that leave us mindlessly scrolling on our phone, staring at the clock or thinking about what to order from Chipotle. It’s true. Meetings can be massive wastes of time if not done the right way. According to Atlassian, people spend approximately 31 hours in unproductive meetings and the United States spends a staggering $37 billion on salaries for hours spent in meetings that weren’t necessary to begin with!

The good news is that there are small and easy fixes you can make that will transform these otherwise time wasters into great meetings that are super productive and accomplish what you need.

Here are 4 easy ways to have better meetings

Have Clear Objectives

How many times have you sat in a meeting with a vague-or non-existent-agenda with no end in sight? If you want to have an effective meeting, the objective needs to be crystal clear. Now, we’re not saying that you have to spell it out in black and white on a board (although you may have already got a board thanks to pages like this https://serp.co/best/large-dry-erase-board/), but it really does help those attending know why they are there. When they know what the purpose is, they’ll be able to engage and contribute much more relevant information and thoughts to the whole meeting. Explaining the purpose and agenda could be something as simple as a statement before you start that explains what you hope to achieve to keep everyone on track and even shave off an average of 17 minutes off of your next meeting.

Start on Time & End on Time

Meetings should always be the right length. It may sound silly, but having a start and end time in place will keep everyone conscious of getting everything done within that amount of time. It creates a necessary sense of urgency.


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Be Exclusive

Be super selective in inviting the right people to the meeting. It should only be the people who are necessary for accomplishing the meeting’s purpose. This way you’ll help prevent wasting people’s time and it will make the meeting more efficient by not putting too many cooks in the kitchen. Only invite those essential to the meeting and you’ll find things stay on track a whole lot easier.

Assign Post-Meeting Action Items

No matter how effective the meeting, if everyone doesn’t know what to do afterwards then the meeting was a waste of time. Don’t lose any momentum and productivity and let anyone leave the room without deciding what every person needs to do next. Make it known who will do what and by what deadline. Follow up on those deadlines, as well.

Use these helpful tips to make sure you’re having better meetings that are a good use of time and productive.

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