4 Tips to Get Organized at Work
17 Mar

4 Tips to Get Organized at Work

Life can be hectic.  It’s incredibly easy to get unorganized. We all tell ourselves that we will get organized eventually, but time goes on and more and more stuff piles up. However, at work, we can’t afford to be unorganized. There are files to keep track of, deadlines to meet, and a messy desk will only make it more stressful.

Since spring cleaning is just around the corner, use these 4 tips to get organized at work.

Dump It

Before you can get organized, you have to get rid of all the clutter. When you have a little time, stay after work for 30 minutes to throw away the stuff you don’t need. It could be the pens that are dried up but are still cluttering up your pen holder, yesterday’s coffee cup, or whatever else is lying around collecting dust and taking up space. Get rid of it! Not sure what to get rid of? Check out these 10 declutter tricks.

Color Code

Color code everything! Different color files can help you indicate what is inside of them. Taking notes in different colors will help you later on when you are skimming through looking for specific information. It’s a bit of a process, but color coding can help you get organized and be more efficient.

Update Your Calendar Notifications

Change your computer and phone’s calendar settings to notify you of deadlines and events a week ahead of time. This way, if there’s anything you need to do, you’re reminded a week ahead of time instead of the day of.

To-Do Lists

Everyone loves a good to-do list, and that’s because they’re helpful! As much as we like to think we can remember what we need to do on any given day or week, it’s always nice to have a physical list. Keep your list on your desk so you don’t forget a thing. You could even color code it too!

It doesn’t have to happen all at once, but if you incorporate these habits into your life one at a time, it will be so easy to get organized and simplify your busy life!

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Now that you’re ready to get organized at work, it’s time to boost your productivity. Use these 4 strategies to become a productivity powerhouse!

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