03 Mar

5 Tips to Grow Professionally

Grow Professionally and Gain More Knowledge5

There is a difference between having a job versus having a career.  It is easy to get complacent with your work and not feel motivated to improve your skills, especially if it’s not required by your company.  Discover new and interesting ways to get yourself away from the daily grind.  If you make an effort to grow professionally, you will succeed—while gaining new skills, knowledge and experience. If you set goals to better yourself as a professional, others will take note and you will be set apart from the rest.

Here are 5 tips to make sure your career is moving on the path to greatness.

  1. Take a class—continuing education by taking a class on a topic that is relevant to your job, or job you desire, will help you to grow and acquire more knowledge.  We all can improve and learn something new at any age or stage of our career.  Looking for classes at a discount? Take a look at our courses here.
  2. Find a mentor—a mentor is someone highly knowledgeable in your field.  Find someone you can talk to outside of your place of work who is successful and willing to give you guidance and advice. A mentor can offer a fresh perspective, provide advice, help you develop a professional growth plan, offer guidance and constructive criticism.
  3. Plan it out—you have to know what direction you want to go with your career to take action and make it happen. Map out where you see yourself in five years and get the ball rolling with ideas on how to develop yourself professionally.  When you see your goals written out on paper, you can figure out what steps you need to take to get there.
  4. Network—make it a habit to try and meet one new person daily.  Doing this will grow your network and present new opportunities.  Attend conferences, workshops or networking events and become a ‘people person’ if you aren’t one already.  People skills have diminished nowadays since communication goes mainly through email or text messaging.  Find like-minded people that will help you grow. Learn from whomever you can and apply to your area of work.
  5. Read Up—things change quickly.  Stay relevant and keep up to date on what’s going on in your industry.  To help you do your job better and stay informed, subscribe to new blogs, news websites, and magazines.  Find other professionals in your field and connect with their online content. You want to make sure you are reliable and knowledgeable when it comes to the type of business you are in—staying on top of the newest information and trends will give you valuable information.

It is in your hands to grow professionally—make yourself a valuable, knowledgeable employee and increase your longevity and master your career. Professional growth will keep you moving forward and help to improve yourself both professionally and personally.

For more tips on how to improve your work life, here are some ways to make your workplace a happy one!

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