50 of the Most Overused Words & Phrases in Real Estate
25 Oct

50 of the Most Overused Words & Phrases in Real Estate

Have you ever noticed that the same words and phrases seem to be used over and over again in the real estate industry? Real estate has a language all its own and, unfortunately, it seems to be repetitive—especially in property listings. However, it’s important to stand out when there are over 1.2 million real estate professionals listed as members of the National Association of Realtors—and all of them are writing property listings. That’s why every single marketing message counts. It’s easy to get caught up using the same buzzwords to describe your listings and properties, but it won’t do your business any good. 

We’ve rounded up 50 of the most overused buzzwords in the real estate industry that can leave your potential buyers cringing, rolling their eyes, or worse, uninterested in your offering. Here are popular descriptors you should avoid when creating your next listing.

50 Overused Real Estate Phrases & Words

  1. Private
  2. In the middle of nowhere
  3. Charming
  4. Updated
  5. Needs TLC
  6. Curb appeal
  7. Has great potential
  8. Not to be missed
  9. Turnkey
  10. Serious buyers only
  11. Hard to sell
  12. Open plan
  13. State-of-the-art
  14. Functioning
  15. Within walking distance
  16. Miles away
  17. Quaint
  18. Cozy
  19. Luxury
  20. Up-and-coming
  21. Handyman special
  22. This home has it all
  23. Motivated seller
  24. Must see to appreciate
  25. Buy now
  26. You get what you pay for
  27. Private retreat
  28. Great potential
  29. Panoramic views
  30. Priced to sell
  31. Best
  32. Location, location, location
  33. Breathtaking
  34. Features
  35. Upgrades
  36. Enchanting
  37. Secluded
  38. Open
  39. Hidden gem
  40. Too good to pass up
  41. Starter
  42. Great views
  43. Granite
  44. Travertine
  45. Stainless steel
  46. High end
  47. Fabulous
  48. Finest
  49. Close to shops and restaurants
  50. Priced to sell

Separate your message from the millions of others in the real estate industry by avoiding the pitfalls of overused language.

Utilize a thesaurus to find other adjectives to describe your property. Or, instead of saying a property has potential, be specific and transparent about its attributes, as well as some of the work that needs to be done. Honesty, clarity, and a lack of sugar coating will go a long way with potential buyers. They won’t be disappointed once they actually see your listings in person, which will boost your sales potential and your trustworthy reputation.  

It’s important to stand out in the saturated real estate market and avoid phrases and terms that have become cliché or have taken on a whole new meaning. Leave these overused buzzwords out of your next listing and catch the eye of your next big buyer!

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Originally published October 5, 2017 – updated October 25, 2019






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