06 Nov

Female Professionals: 6 Keys to Thriving Professionally


This is definitely not the job market of our dreams.  Building a successful career in today’s world is not easy for anyone, but if you’re a woman, at least you have a new edge.  Women these days are more successful than they ever have been.  Women make up more than half of all managers and professionals in the U.S. and are starting to take over a host of professions once dominated by men, such as doctors, lawyers, pharmacists and veterinarians.  As a woman, you should step out into the job market feeling confident.  But before you do, here are a few critical skills to master.

  1. Get a solid education.  Going to college is essential in building a thriving career, and it is important women understand just how imperative that really is.  Be strategic about your selection of a degree program and research before declaring your major.
  2. Network.  As the saying goes, it is often who you know, not what you know that can lead to success.  Become active members of industry associations and reach out to other successful females in your field.  Try to build a mentorship with these professional women that can teach you what you need to know to reach toward your goals.
  3. Read about successful women.  There are many successful career women out there.  Researching and learning about their background and career paths will help to motivate and inspire you.  Reading their stories will give you an idea of what the path to success looks like and what obstacles you might encounter along the way.  Use the web, or go to the library to pick up a memoir or biography to gain insight into a number of successful women.
  4. Change your perception.  To be a successful woman, you need to develop the right attitude.  Possess the attitude to handle whatever comes your way.  Success will never be served to you on a silver platter.  You need to stick your neck out for it, even if that means leaving your comfort zone.
  5. Have confidence.  Confidence is key because it serves to make everyone in the room more certain of the capabilities that a professional brings to the table.  With the right degree of confidence, women can be seen as authoritative and trustworthy—which are two things that will aid in being seen as leaders in their field.
  6. Establish clear goals.  Creating a career is about more than finding a job that pays the bills.  When starting a career, women embark upon a journey that will take you to ever increasing positions and responsibility, allowing you to develop skills and expertise as you do so.  To being this professional adventure you need to have a clearly defined goal.

Women continuously accomplish great things in the professional world, and it is only becoming an increasingly level playing field!

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