CBT Real Estate Discounted Courses
26 Apr

CBT Real Estate Discounted Courses

As a real estate agent, you enjoy a lot of perks. You can set your own schedule, you can dive into the markets you choose, and you can do a lot of your work from home. Plus, you get to meet and help a lot of different people in the housing market. However, in order to maintain your real estate license, many states require continuing education courses and certifications. It’s important to stay on top of this, as your very livelihood depends on it. If you’re a real estate agent in today’s market, you probably enjoy negotiating and getting a good deal. Well, turns out, you can also get a good deal on your CBT real estate courses.

Here’s how.

CBT Real Estate Course Promo Codes

CBT Real Estate provides online education for real estate agents who want to renew their license or jumpstart their career by gaining more in-depth knowledge of the marketplace. Many agents take courses through CBT because their online platform makes it easy to take the courses they need when it’s most convenient for them.

However, these courses cost money – that’s where The CEU Group comes in. The CEU Group partners with continuing education providers across a variety of professions, including real estate. And one of those partnerships is with CBT Real Estate.

So what does this mean for you?

This partnership takes the wheeling and the dealing out of the equation (sorry negotiators!) and gives the savings to you, the real estate agent.

The CEU Group provides the promo code CEUGROUP that you enter upon purchasing your courses. You can save as much as 10% on your continuing education – that’s 10% that can go back into your real estate business to use however you need it.

Want to Take Courses Through a Different Provider?

The CEU Group offers more discounts from other real estate continuing education providers, as well. These providers include:

  • McKissock
  • Real Estate Express
  • Lorman
  • The CE Shop

Regardless of where you’re getting your continuing education credits, there are promo codes that will save you money.

Keeping up your licensing and certifications is important. Real estate is a competitive business, but you’re sure to be one step ahead by taking the courses you need. And the cherry on top? You’ll save money in the process.

Looking for more tips on navigating the world of continuing education? Download The CEU Group’s FREE guide on how to choose and register for the best courses for your career. Continuing education just got a little bit easier – Click here to download today.





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