CE Shop Real Estate Courses: Continuing Education for Real Estate
24 Feb

CE Shop Real Estate Courses: Continuing Education for Real Estate

Both aspiring real estate agents and current agents need to take education courses to learn about the industry. However, they both have different needs. Those looking to get their real estate license need classes to teach them real estate basics, while agents and brokers need courses to help them further their careers. All this and more are available through CE Shop Real Estate. 

Whether you are looking for help with the exam or continuing education courses, CE Shop Real Estate has the right course for you.  


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Why Continuing Education Benefits You

Continuing education courses are required for a reason. The real estate market trends vary, and it’s important to stay up-to-date on the market and know what clients are looking for. Taking continuing education classes can also help build your confidence and knowledge in the industry. When you learn more, you can potentially grow your business and even earn more income. You can take classes that are specific to your state, so you will better understand your buyers and the current trends and issues in your local market. You need to take state-approved education to keep your license active, so why not take classes when it’s convenient for you?

Requirements of CEUS for RE Licenses

Real estate realtors and brokers need to follow their state’s requirements to maintain their real estate licenses. Each state has specific requirements for time frames, obtaining a license, supplemental training, and post-licensing. These requirements are monitored and regulated by each state’s real estate commissions. Visit your state’s department of real estate to find your requirements. At the CE Shop, they offer state-approved continuing education classes for every state, including some multistate packages. 

What The CE Shop and Other Partners Can Help You With

Not only can they help you with continuing education to maintain your license, but they also have classes that help you get your license and prep for the exam, take post-licensing courses, and even upgrade your license to move forward in your career.

         Get Your Real Estate License

Every state requires you to take classes, so you learn about the real estate market before you get your license. Your state’s real estate commission office regulates and monitors what classes you need to take to qualify for the real estate exam. Our educational classes are all state-approved, so you can fulfill your state’s regulatory requirements. When you pick The CE Shop, you also get a risk-free 5-day trial. You get unlimited access to your content so you can make sure we are the best fit for you. Their educational courses have a proven 91% success rate of students passing the test on their first attempt!

         Exam Prep 

Once you take the required courses, you’ll be able to take the real estate exam. It will help you prepare by providing unlimited practice tests to ensure that you are fully prepared. Those practice tests will give you an initial assessment of your strengths and areas you need to focus on. After that, you will take study lessons on the topics that need improvement until you are fully ready to take the exam.  Our real-time dashboards will give you scores and feedback to help you know what you need to study and focus on. 

         Post-Licensing and Renewals 

Once you are licensed, some states will require you to take specific courses for your first renewal. You can use the portal on their Post-Licensing page to search your state’s department of real estate to see if they require post-licensing classes. Their classes are available 24/7 so you can access them at your convenience and are fully online yet interactive for the best possible learning experience! 

         Continuing Education 

Every state requires continuing education courses to retain your real estate license. The CE Shop’s continuing education courses are state-approved and offer engaging content to help you learn more about current trends and issues in your industry. The classes will help you grow your business, market yourself, and use technology to help your business reach both long-term and short-term goals. If you practice real estate in multiple states, they also offer multistate discount packages to conveniently study what you need. 

         Real Estate License Upgrades

If you are looking to upgrade your license and grow your business even further, they have you covered. Their real estate license upgrades can help you take your next step toward your dream career. They can help you get an employing broker, managing broker, and even remedial license depending on what state you live in. Visit the site to discover what is offered in your state.

Why The CE Shop Courses May Be Best for You

You can take care of all your real estate education needs through the CE Shop Real Estate. The courses are completely online, and they’re even mobile-friendly, so you can take them wherever you go. The easy-to-maneuver layout makes navigation simple and easy for even the most technologically-challenged. Their interactive courses are easy to understand with progress measurement bars. The courses will help you grow your real estate business while learning about markets all around the United States. 

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