Characteristics of Successful Behavioral Health Professional
20 Oct

Characteristics of Successful Behavioral Health Professional

In order to be an effective behavioral health professional, it takes a commitment to make sometimes difficult changes in behavior or thinking patterns.  The outcome of therapy is dependent on many factors, but possessing these 6 qualities play a key role in increasing the odds of a successful outcome.

Do you make a good behavioral health professional?  


This quality of a behavioral health professional may seem obvious, but it’s important to have a particular kind of empathy.  It’s crucial to balance empathy with accountability.  In relating to your clients, you show warmth, acceptance, empathy and a focus on others, not yourself.  You are able to display empathy and communicate oriented behaviors when interacting with patients and their family members.

Establish Good Boundaries.

If you are a person who has difficulty defining and maintaining boundaries, you may not want to be in the behavioral health industry.  Good boundaries mean:

  • You understand his or her limitations
  • You are able to say “no” when necessary in a firm, but kind way
  • You know where his or her responsibility for the change process ends and where the clients’ begins
  • You establish policies and procedures and apply them consistently

Believe in Change.

Hope is a terrific motivator.  You believe that people can, and do, change.  You are able to provide optimism and hope even in difficult times.  But you are not blindly optimistic. Rather, you are realistic about the change process and are able to help the client set attainable goals.  

Possession of A Sophisticated Set of Interpersonal Skills.

Effective behavioral health specialists have no trouble expressing themselves well.  They are astute at sensing what other people are thinking and feeling.  

Involvement in Continued Education & Training.

Licensed behavioral health professionals must participate in continuing education to maintain their credentials.   

Strong Sense of Service.

You possess a strong sense of service and wanting to help people feel better.  In many cases, it’s a desire to give back to your communities.  

Above all, a great behavioral health professional is motivated by a strong sense of professionalism.  They have integrity, honor and are committed to upholding medicine’s timeless values.  

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