2020 List of Continuing Education Seminars [Nurses, PTs, OTs & SLPs]
20 Sep

2020 List of Continuing Education Seminars [Nurses, PTs, OTs & SLPs]

Are you a nurse? A physical therapist? An occupational therapist? Or perhaps you’re a speech-language pathologist? No matter your choice, all of these share something very important in common: required continuing education. For that reason, we’ve rounded up this list of continuing education seminars for nurses, PTs, OTs, and SLPs for 2020. Be sure to mark your calendar so you’re ready to complete next year’s requirements!

Our 2020 List of Continuing Education Seminars


56th World Advanced Nursing and Nursing Practice Congress

February 25-26, 2020 Tokyo, Japan

Advanced Nursing 2020 conference in Tokyo is one of the largest international meetings on advanced practice nursing. With more than 100 advanced practice nurses such as nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, nurse anaesthetists, nurse midwives, and nurse consultants, along with researchers, educators, administrators, policy makers and students expected to attend the conference. Advanced Nursing 2020 conference promises to be an exciting and rewarding opportunity to learn together. Register here

22nd Global Nursing Education, Healthcare and Medical Expo

March 27-28, 2020 Barcelona, Spain

Global Nursing Education 2020 is a one-stop resource for medical care, education, research, practice and multitude of healthcare settings where nurses, healthcare providers, medical experts never stop learning and growing. As healthcare, medicine, science and technology is ever changing, it’s more important than ever to dive into expanding education and practices for the future of Nursing and Healthcare. Register here.

4th Annual Hematology/Oncology Challenges and Advances in Patient Care for NPs, PAs, and Nurses

April 17-18, 2020 Atlantic City, Florida, USA

Mayo Clinic’s 4th Annual Hematology/Oncology Challenges and Advances in Patient Care for NPs, PAs, and Nurses will be held at One Ocean Resort in Atlantic Beach, Florida. This continuing medical education (CME) conference will focus on the needs of advanced practice providers, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, ARNPs (APRN), and nurses regarding the care of patients with hematologic and oncologic malignancies. The course will feature lectures, case presentations, panel discussions, interactive group discussions, and a poster session. Register here.

Nursing Interventions, Patient Safety and Hospital Management

May 08-09, 2020 Toronto, Canada

This nursing continuing education seminar covers categorizing care to improve the health and comfort of patients. It’s a can’t-miss conference that will help you to earn credits and increase the efficacy of your nursing practice. Register here.

Physical Therapy

Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) 2020

February 12-15, 2020 Denver, Colorado, USA

Join 13,000+ attendees from 30+ countries in Denver, Colorado, for APTA’s Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) 2020. Experience 350+ specialty-specific sessions, 50+ preconference programs, and over 1,000 poster presentations. Your attendance is equivalent to up to 1.8 CEUs (18 contact hours/CCUs). The number of CEUs awarded for each session will be listed in the APTA Conferences & Events app under CSM 2020 and in the “Schedule at a Glance” available each day.The app will go live in January, 2020. Register here.

CCIP Level 2

April 18-19, 2020 Poughkeepsie, Wisconsin, USA

This voluntary program is designed for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants who have successfully completed the APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor Level 1 Program (CCIP Level 1), and want to further develop their clinical teaching skills and construct a clinical curriculum. The unique philosophy and design of CCIP Level 2 both applies and goes beyond the concepts of the structured learning environment of CCIP Level 1 to enable clinical educators to achieve the best outcomes for student learning. Register here.

NEXT Conference & Exposition

June 03-06, 2020 Phoenix, Arizona, USA

APTA’s NEXT 2020 offers diverse, forward-thinking programming. Engage through interactive sessions featuring some of the profession’s best and brightest. Here’s a sneak peek into what you will experience:

  • Experience Zone with hands-on technology demonstrations
  • What Would You Do? Case study presentations with audience polling
  • Two preconference courses for additional educational opportunities
  • First-Timers’ Event – Navigating the Conference
  • Welcome Reception and Opening Event with an inspiring Keynote Speaker
  • Networking coffees
  • Research presentations
  • Exhibit Hall packed with products and services

Register here.

Occupational Therapy

A Therapist’s Evidence-Based Approach to Acute and ICU Care Rehab

January 17, 2020 Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Through a multi-media course and interactive discussion, each participant will review key anatomy and physiological principles to help create a solid background for patient assessment and effective interventions to improve patient progression and discharge outcomes.

By using key indicators from cardiovascular status, medication use, comorbidities and diagnoses, participants will learn skills to enhance their decision-making ability to improve patient outcomes. Participants will leave having a better understanding of improving their role along with a clear multi-disciplinary approach of therapists working together to improve outcomes in the acute care setting. Register here.

Manual Therapy, Core Activation, and Exercise Progression

February 14, 2020 Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

This course will use the latest research that connect the dots between the nervous, fascial, and musculoskeletal systems that teach participants how to think critically and use hands-on techniques to take therapy sessions to the next level. Participants will utilize evidence-based manual therapy and exercise techniques that help modulate the nervous system providing patients and clients better pain relief andROM for faster and longer lasting progress during therapy sessions. Register here.

2020 AOTA Annual Conference & Expo

March 26-29, 2020 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The 2020 AOTA Annual Conference & Expo features educational and poster sessions, exceptional speakers, and an Expo Hall filled with the latest products and opportunities. This Conference—the largest gathering of occupational therapy professionals in the world—is a not-to-miss event! Register here.

Speech-Language Pathology

7th Annual SLP Summit

TBA, 2020 Online

The SLP Summit is a 4-day virtual event with 8 speakers who are in the trenches. They know you’re busy and need practical tips and strategies that you can implement today, all from the comfort of your own home and computer.

Over these 4 days, the SLP Summit will bring you amazing SLPs who will be sharing their best tips and tricks. Register here.

ASHA Connect 2020

July 10–12, 2020 Dallas, Texas, USA

ASHA Connect 2020 includes ASHA Schools Connect, ASHA Health Care Connect, and ASHA Private Practice Connect. With ASHA Schools get relevant and practical tools to take back to your school and implement with your students immediately. With ASHA Health get practical tools and the latest research to help you meet clinical challenges. And finally, with ASHA Private get relevant, practical tips that you can implement in your practice right away. Register here.

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