How to Save Money and Earn Your CPE Credits for Accounting
15 Mar

How to Save Money and Earn Your CPE Credits for Accounting

As an accountant, you already know that you have to maintain your licensing in order to serve your clients to the best of your ability. For many accountants, earning your CPA is just the beginning.

In fact, many state licensing boards require that CPAs maintain and improve their skills through continuing professional education (CPE) courses.

In some states, CPAs are required to complete 80 hours of CPE every biennial reporting period to renew their license, with at least 20 hours completed each year.

However, just because it’s a requirement that’s part of your job, it doesn’t have to BE a job all on its own. So, if you’re looking for a way to get your CPE credits that doesn’t take all of your free time and break the bank, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s how to achieve your CPE credits with ease so you can get back to accounting.

How to Easily Get Your CPE Credits to Maintain Your Accounting License

When you’re a busy CPA looking to get your credits completed and out of the way, having everything in one place is super helpful. Not to mention, having access to a discount for the courses you need to complete? Even better.

This is where we come in.

At The CEU Group, we’ve partnered with several continuing education course providers for many careers, including accounting. Additionally, these partners have long lists of courses you can choose to take to fulfill your credits and licensing requirements.

The courses are online so it’s easy to earn your credits on your own time. In addition, because of our partnerships with these continuing education providers, we are also able to provide you with discounts that you can use every single time you sign up for a course.

Which companies are we partnering with for Accounting?

Here’s a list of our current continuing education partners for earning CPE credits:

Accounting Continuing Professional Education Network (ACPEN)

“ACPEN is the largest CPE network in the United States, and is sponsored by many state CPA societies. With dedication to bringing, highly relevant, NASBA accredited, world-class CPE courses for CPAs and financial professionals, the goal of the network is to provide accounting continuing education to every CPA in the most convenient and economical way possible.”

Promo code to use at checkout: CEUGROUP

Discount provided: 20% OFF

Visit our partner site here for more information.


“Developed from leading academics and practitioners in industry to be of the highest quality per the current NASBA/AICPA Registry and QAS Self-Study interactive CPE guidelines. This assures you, the practitioner, of CPE credit hours that will be accepted by all jurisdictions that follow the NASBA’s National Registry and QAS Self-Study programs. ”

Promo code to use at checkout: CEUGROUP

Discount provided: 25% Off Courses, 1 Year Subscription – $30 Rebate, 2 Year Subscription – $40 Rebate

Visit our partner site here for more information.

So, how does it work?

When you choose courses from our Accounting CPE credit partner sites, simply enter the promo code CEUGROUP at checkout, then, you’ll receive the discount listed above.

It’s just that simple.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re searching for courses to maintain your licensing and earn CPE credits, check out The CEU Group. It’s the easiest way to save money and keep up with your career requirements.

Looking for more tips on easily handling your continuing education requirements?

Download The CEU Group’s FREE guide on how to choose and register for the best courses for your career. Continuing education just got a little bit easier – Click here to download today.

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