How Changing Your Study Space Can Improve Memory
07 Feb

How Changing Your Study Space Can Improve Memory

When it comes to your continuing education and study time, you may always immediately default to the same study place. However, a study from the New York Times found that it’s important to change up your study space scene often. The reason? Better recall, productivity, and learning.

In fact, your study space can be just as important as how frequently or how hard you study. This environment where you hunker down and crack open your books or computer can determine your mood, comfort level and the efficiency with which you study.  

Here’s How Your Study Space Can Amp Up Your Productivity

study-space-3Switching up your study space can dramatically boost your long-term retention of material. One experiment showed that the students who studied 40 vocabulary words in two different rooms did far better on a test than the students who studied the words twice in the same room.  Why?  Multiple associations. Your brain pairs the environment with lessons that you are learning. Changing your environment will help to keep things fresh.  

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Changing your study space will help your brain to retrieve the same information in different places and therefore your brain will see that information as more useful and worth holding onto.

Our brains crave variation. We’re programmed to move and take breaks.  

study-space-2According to Joe the Tutor, your brain is provided with more memory cues to recall information when you switch up your environment. The more memory cues your brain has to retrieve information, the more likely you’ll be able to recall that information. Even though your study space doesn’t require any extra work from your brain, it can automatically build extra cues into memory.  If you keep studying in the same place, your brain won’t be able to store any extra memory cues. This is because they will be the same cues as before. However, if you switch up your study space, your brain will be more apt to recall and retain information due to fresh memory cues.  

Mix up your study space!  More cues are better than fewer cues. Kick your productivity up a notch and try a new environment the next time you hit the books.  

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Originally published January 5, 2017

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