How to Make a Great First Impression with Literally Everyone You Meet
21 Dec

How to Make a Great First Impression with Literally Everyone You Meet

Wondering how to make a great first impression? It only takes a tenth of a second to do just that. Whether you like it or not, you have a super short amount of time for people to form an opinion—and an opinion that can stick. When you meet someone for the first time, it’s key to always be on your game from the start.

Use those milliseconds to make a killer first impression. Here’s how to make a good—no, great—one every time!

How to Make a Great First Impression


A smile goes a long way. If you want to create the impression of being friendly and approachable, a genuine smile can make a huge positive impact and be your winning ticket for creating a great first impression. Does your smile need a little help? Try these tips for an effective smile that’s real.

Shift Your Attitude

Instead of going into a social situation trying to get something out of it for yourself, shift your attitude to be, What can I do to make other people comfortable around me? This seemingly simple shift can do some big things for your first impression. And always keep an attitude of positivity. People tend to gravitate towards those with a positive attitude and smiling can improve your overall attitude. A warm and confident smile (see above) will put you both at ease and ensure you’re sending out tons of positive vibes.

Say Their Name. Repeat.

People LOVE to hear their own names. It makes them feel special and studies show that when you hear your name it activates the brain—so it’s science too. And don’t stop with learning the name of the person you’re meeting. Learn the names of their children, spouse and pets. When  you use their names in a follow-up email or conversation it will go a long way towards cementing an amazing positive first impression.

Need some more tips on how to make a great first impression? The Muse has eight more simple tips to ensure that you’ll always knock the socks off of every person you meet. Seriously!

  1. Research shows that people make their first impressions of you in just two seconds , so there’s really no time to lose. (Inc.)
  2. Making a killer impression needs a killer attack plan— just like the one here (Forbes)
  3. few tips that former presidents used to connect with anyone are surprisingly effective.(Chamber of Commerce)
  4. Making a great impression depends a lot of how trustworthy you seem , so be sure you’re not doing these things that could be holding you back. (Science)
  5. These three simple rules for getting people to like you are always helpful to keep in mind. (Elite Daily)
  6. Television ads have 30 seconds to persuade the audience , and this is how you can use similar principles in your life when meeting new people. (HBR)
  7. Impressing others means it’s not all about you—in fact, research shows that encouraging other people to talk more may make them like you a lot (The Week)
  8. If all else fails and your first impression wasn’t stellar, don’t lose hope— here’s how to use your second impression to fix it all (Inc.)

Follow these tips to make sure that the first time you meet with someone won’t be the last.

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