How to Improve Concentration with 3 Proven Tricks
20 Apr

How to Improve Concentration with 3 Proven Tricks

How many times have you sat at your desk and tried to focus, only to find that your mind is wandering all over the place?  Are you leaving half-finished projects laying around your desk at work or all around the house?  Do you find yourself drifting off before lunch?  If so, what should you do?  Your brain may be napping.  It’s time to order a concentration wake-up call.  

Focus is a muscle that we need to build.  Your brain needs exercise to tone up the strength of its focus and concentration.  If you spend too much time with your brain “switched off”, it could lead to early-onset dementia or premature ageing.  According to a 2015 study from Microsoft, the average human has an eight-second attention span—that’s less than that of a goldfish.  A goldfish!  

Here are 3 proven tricks on how to improve concentration and employ laser focus today.

Corral your email

Even the most focused people out there can easily be led astray by the constant ping-ping-ping of incoming emails.  Emails can be one of the greatest enemies to your concentration.  In fact, the average worker checks their email 74 times a day!  Instead of reading email as it comes in all day and night, set aside specific periods of time to check it. Here are 12 email tips to get control of your inbox and improve concentration and productivity from Inc.

Check the temp

According to a study from Cornell University, employees are most productive in an environment that is between 68 and 77 degrees. If it’s too hot or too cold where you work, it could greatly impact your concentration—or lack thereof.  Want to be more productive and focused?  Adjust your thermostat.  

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Turn up the tunes

Whether your go-to tunes are Beethoven or the Beastie Boys, having music playing while you set out to complete the task at hand will help you focus your thoughts.  Music can improve concentration by bringing you back to the present moment.  It may be most beneficial to you to listen to music that you are familiar with for ultimate focus.  Then, you know what lies ahead with familiar sounds and the sound itself doesn’t become your primary focus.  

These tips on how to improve concentration will help you focus better whether you’re at work, studying for school, sitting in a meeting or trying to wrap up a project.  

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