Is Continuing Education Worth It? 4 Surprising Career Benefits of Taking the Leap
15 Mar

Is Continuing Education Worth It? 4 Surprising Career Benefits of Taking the Leap

If you’re considering going back to school, you may be wondering if the time, effort, and money will pay off. You want to know, is continuing education worth it? While it’s true that earning and maintaining new licenses or certifications is an investment, that investment is definitely worth it. Here are four ways that continuing education is worth it for your career.

Is Continuing Education Worth It? Here Are 4 Reasons Why It Definitely Is

Employees who sign up for accredited programs in order to sharpen their skills also often receive certificates and licenses that will allow them to practice their services at the highest level. Some professions even require continued education units such as: engineering, education, law, medicine, and finance. Other industries may not require continuing education, but employees may find that doing so increases their competitive edge in the workplace.

Here’s how continuing education can benefit your current career (and future!).

Improve Your Marketability

Employees who have completed continuing education credits are more marketable than those who have not. Most employers recognize the value of additional certifications and are more likely to hire candidates that have been accredited over those who haven’t.

Network with Other People in Your Field

Continuing education credits are also a social opportunity. Professionals who pursue these courses also have a dedicated space to network with others in their field. They can make connections that can translate into business relationships. Continuing education events, courses, and conferences all provide settings to network and collaborate with other people in your industry.

Qualify for Higher Wages

People who have obtained more education may qualify for higher wages. In some industries, employers may offer increased pay after a certain number of continuing education units have been completed. Your hard work may be rewarded with a pay raise that reflects the new skills that you bring to your company.

Improve Your Lifestyle

The truth is, employees are often categorized based on their level of education. In addition to getting you a higher pay, achieving additional education can help you gain more respect from your peers. So, if you feel that your job ceiling is holding you back from achieving the lifestyle you want, try furthering your education. It could be a great way to gain more opportunities to further your career.

So, next time you’re wondering ‘is continuing education worth it’, remember these four ways it could benefit your career and your future.

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Originally published October 25, 2018

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