How to Master Communication Skills in Real Estate
21 Jul

How to Master Communication Skills in Real Estate

One of the top skills a real estate agent should master is your communication skills.  Real estate is a people business and the way that you communicate has an enormous impact on your success.  Your communication skills lead everything that you do as a real estate agent—from negotiating an offer to marketing to prospects online, we’ve rounded up 3 ways to really hone your excellent communication skills.

Tips to Master Your Communication Skills in Real Estate

Show genuine interest

Ask well-thought out questions to show interest.  Don’t assume you know what your client is looking for and instead, ask!  Try to avoid any yes or no questions to encourage that they express their opinions and preferences in detail.  Ask questions and then paraphrase what the other person has just said.  It not only shows interest, but that you are paying attention and helps to clarify any points you may have misunderstood.

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Remember your body language

First impressions are everything and that means body language most times.  Communication isn’t just about what is being said but how you hold your arms, where your feet are pointing and what you are looking at can make or break your interaction with clients or potential leads.  It can be easy to misinterpret body language.  Be sure that your body language isn’t being interpreted as something negative.  Here are 8 body language tips for realtors.

Be uber focused

Keep your cell phone out of site and out of mind when you are communicating with clients.  Focus on the conversation you are having—whether it is in person, over email or the phone.  Today’s society is overloaded with technology that is always with us, or on us.  It can be a common pitfall to succumb to looking at your phone or emails while talking to someone but one that successful real estate agents should avoid at all costs.  Effective communication depends on it.

Your communication skills can make a big impact on your success as a real estate agent.  Make sure you make your clients’ experience a memorable one instead of a forgettable one.

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