Your Nursing Skills Checklist
07 Jul

Your Nursing Skills Checklist

If you are a nurse, you are pretty amazing.  Not only are you kind and compassionate, but you may possess many of the medical smarts of a doctor too!  You cannot beat the personal satisfaction that a career as a nurse brings.  People who succeed in nursing gain the most personal fulfillment.  Great nurses typically have the same certain unique qualities.   Some of these qualities come naturally, while others may only be strengthened through education.

Do you have what it takes to be an exceptional nurse?

Nursing Skills Checklist

  • Be compassionate & empathetic. Maybe you haven’t lived through your patient’s circumstances, but it is important to understand and know what to say.  Be compassionate, helpful and comforting.   Being empathetic helps you communicate with patients and to better understand what they are going through.
  • Be positive. There may be many patients who tell you sad stories about a chronic illness or something that they are frightened of.  Offering positivity to the patient will work wonders in setting the proper mood for healing.  Your smile and positive vibes will help break down any negativity, fear and sadness. Some studies even suggest that your positivity can help patients feel optimistic and to recover from certain health conditions better than people with pessimistic attitudes.  It can be extremely difficult for patients to keep their spirits up and even more difficult if their nurse has a negative outlook.
  • Be tenacious.  It’s important to understand topics like anatomy and nutrition to do your job well.  It also takes a strong will to memorize all of the necessary information and apply it in hectic environments.  Tenacity is important.  Skills and resources as a nurse are important, but if you give up at the first sign of adversity, you will fail.  Persistence is key.  Take your turn at being tenacious–you will become stronger and more successful for it!

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  • Be level-headed. Keeping calm under pressure is critical.  A great nurse is level-headed and can make quick decisions under all circumstances and medical situations.  Your education also plays an important role here—with confidence grows knowledge.  If you know something technical like the back of your hand, you will be much more equipped to remain cool and collected in order to make rational decisions.  You will serve as a steady guide for those patients going through rough waters.

By assessing this nursing skills checklist to see where you match up, it will help guide you to becoming successful in the nursing profession.

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