Organizational Tips for Simplifying Your Life
10 Dec

Organizational Tips for Simplifying Your Life


Life can get pretty hectic at times, especially for a student. With classes, homework, studying, sleeping, eating, family, jobs, and anything else in between, we are trying to juggle everything at once. Here are some organizational tips to help simplify your life.

Keep a Master Calendar

Whether it be a calendar on your computer, your wall, or a planner, use one to write everything down in—your daily activities, homework, phone numbers, class schedule, meeting dates, etc. This keeps all of the information you will need in an easy to access place where you can add or refer to at any time.

Get Enough Sleep at Night

To maintain your busy schedule, you have to get enough sleep.  It is vital for productivity, studying, creativity, and maximizing your working mind to its full potential.

Keep Your Papers Organized

Use folders, even a filing cabinet if you have a lot of paperwork. We all get handouts and other materials in our classes.  Have some sort of filing system to help you stay organized and know where every piece of information that you have is stored.  One way to easily reference information is to use consistent color codes in your notebooks, folders and highlighters.

Have a Clean Study Environment

Make sure to have a clean study area free from distractions such as friends, television or music. Go there when you want to get your work done with an air of efficiency.

Make To-Do Lists

One of the most powerful, yet simple, ways to organize your time and priorities would be through to-do lists. Lists are useful for remembering key facts or tasks, outlining goals and keeping key information in a single, easily accessible place.

It’s essential you organize yourself right from the start. Putting focus into being organized can save you stress and wasted energy. Come up with a system that works for you, fine-tune it along the way and see your organizational skills really pay off!

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