Organize Your Life with These 3 Productivity Apps
18 May

Organize Your Life with These 3 Productivity Apps

We never go anywhere without our smartphones these days.  Most of the time, our phones are a constant distraction—the calls, texts, social media, alerts…they can drain your productivity down to 0%.  But did you know that you’re actually holding a productivity powerhouse in your hands?  What’s the point of constantly carrying a tiny supercomputer around in your pocket all day if you aren’t going to use it to give your productivity a turbo boost?  

Here are 3 of the best productivity apps to make you uber productive and take away some of the stress from your life.  

The JoyCE App

Continuing Education tracking just got way easier!  Make sure you download one of the most important productivity apps of them all, the JoyCE app!  JoyCE will keep you on track and on schedule with your courses, as it’s made exclusively to make organizing your courses easier!  It’s the first fully functional CE tracking mobile app for licensed professionals, regardless of profession or location.  

Make your life easier and download this amazing Continuing Education tracking mobile app -he JoyCE continuing education tracker was created for the busy professional and designed with usability in mind. This app enables users to relieve their frustration and keep track of all of their continuing education units easily—all with a product that’s effortless to use.  The JoyCE App does everything and it is now available in the app store.

The CEU Group strives to improve your experience with continuing education and values your feedback.  You will love the JoyCE App so download it to see your productivity soar!

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Evernote is one of the best study apps available for note taking. You can set up a notebook for each course you’re taking, and keep all of them in your Evernote account instead of carrying around an actual notebook for each individual course. It also has great features that allow you to share your notes with others, convert your notes into a presentation, and save everything from the notes that you take in the app to articles you find online. The app is also available across multiple devices, so if you forget your laptop, you can pull up your notes on your phone or tablet. Evernote is available for download on both iOS and Android.


Slack has evolved into a replacement for email between people who want to try to talk to each other in a company.  Email can get messy when the back and forth conversation gets way too long.  Not only do you have to sort through endless emails to find what you need, but sending files with a group of people can make matters worse.  Slack solves this problem by being something between email and an instant messenger.  You can send messages and files to a group of people or one person in an efficient, neatly organized way.  

Whatever your day consists of, these productivity apps will help you get more done—faster.


Ready to organize your continuing education units? The JoyCE App is here — keep track of your continuing education make your life easier and download the first fully functional continuing education tracking mobile app for licensed professionals, regardless of profession or location.



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