The Five Best Organizing Tips for Stress-Free Living
12 Aug

The Five Best Organizing Tips for Stress-Free Living

It’s something that we all strive for, dream about, and try to implement, but oftentimes fail miserably: getting organized. Balancing work, exercise, laundry bills and a social life makes it easy for things to get piled up. We experience this in our house, work spaces, calendars, studies, and our general day-to-day tasks. The clutter can begin to feel overwhelming. But we’ve got your back. Check out these 5 organizing tips for stress-free, structured living that keeps you, your thoughts, and your life all in one place—and most of all—organized!

Calendars for Everything!

 Do you ever feel like you’re trying to find space to add more tasks to your calendar? For example, if you have children, studies, work, professional, and life events all in one place, it’s sure to become confusing and too cluttered! Separate your calendars so that each of them not only have their own planning, but coordinate them so that you won’t overlap events or overbook. It’s helpful to keep them all in one place!

Plan Before Catching Some Zzz’s 

Planning at night can actually be uber-beneficial since the last thoughts that you have in the hours before bedtime influence your sleep. Have you ever woken up without an alarm for an important event because you were planning for it the night before? Set out your important papers, pack your lunch, get your study items and work items in place, and lay out your outfit for the next day. These simple things may seem small but are incredibly helpful when it comes to creating less stress and more organization.

Organize Your Emails 

Emails are the fountain of information and updates, and they never seem to stop flowing. Emails can really hinder productive activity, and take tons of time to sort through and answer. Schedule blocks of time during the day to check emails, then close down your email platform and focus on other important things. Spending multiple hours on email throughout the day only makes you feel less organized. If you start checking it in separate blocks at a time it will give you a much more organized way of checking them.

Spruce Up Your Space 

If you are feeling scattered, take a look at your workspace. No matter what the size of your workspace is, it’s important to keep it tidy. An organized space will help you to find things easily and quickly which in turn helps you to be more productive. Make your workspace work and get organized!

Utilize Online Organization Helpers

As efficient as we all would like to think we are, we all need some help from time to time. Enter online and electronic organization. With the help of an electronic version of your trusty calendar, you can have alerts sent right to you, reminders scheduled, and you don’t have to worry about so much paper or heavy planners to haul around- you can keep them on your phone! Some of our favorites are Teaudeaux and Basecamp.

With these organization tips you will be able to master the mess and control the chaos—once and for all. Happy organizing!

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