4 Reasons Why OT’s Love Occupational Therapy [Survey]
23 May

4 Reasons Why OT’s Love Occupational Therapy [Survey]

“There are some days when a patient cries tears of joy because they’re able to shower on their own after a major surgery—and it feels like a huge win.

Other days, I’ve gone home to change my scrubs because in helping someone I got ‘number two’ all over me. It’s really just a toss up.” – Lindsey

Does this sound like you? Did you smile to yourself when you read that because, hey, that’s just how occupational therapy goes sometimes?

We surveyed local OT’s to talk to them about their choice to go into occupational therapy and what they love most about their career. Read on to see if you identify with any of them!

OT’s Share 4 Reasons Why They Love Occupational Therapy (Most Days)

It’s so rewarding.

The occupational therapists we spoke to all agreed – ultimately, they love occupational therapy because they feel genuinely good about the work they do. And how many people can say that about their career? They love helping people get back to their lives after surgeries, or helping kids do better in school and develop motor skills they’ll use for the rest of their life.

“I think OT is a great career option if you’re interested in helping people participate in the things that are meaningful to them.” – Belle

I get to interact with a lot of special kids and people.

While some clients and patients might try their patience, there are others that completely touch their heart. One occupational therapist we spoke to shared that she had a special elderly client who told her funny and fascinating anecdotes about her life growing up in Europe. She loved the time spent with this client and felt good about helping her get back to her daily activities.

My schedule can be pretty flexible.

Obviously, this depends on where you practice occupational therapy, but some of the OT’s we spoke to were able to essentially create their own schedule.

“I generally see kids either at home, or in their schools/day cares [and] make my own schedule, but it is also based on parents/school time. I like to sleep in so I do not start my day til about 9:30/10. Then I see about 6-8 kids a day…My day ends generally between 3/4pm. I have Fridays off, but I do tend to use them for makeups if a kid is sick or whatever, catchup on notes if I have IEPs or whatever to do and just as a day off to relax/take care of errands like doctor appointments.” – B.R.

I’ve honestly become a better person.

One of the biggest reasons for going into occupational therapy (we heard it over and over again) was that it seems to make you a better person. The therapists we spoke to all felt their career has had an immensely positive effect on their lives and who they are as people.

“I like it because you get to build relationships and meet all kinds of people. There are so many types of settings you can go into…and you get to learn about different interventions, ways of life, and perspectives that help make you a better person and clinician.” – Belle

Do any of these reasons ring true for you? Why did YOU choose occupational therapy? Share with us on Facebook!

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