The Power of Intention—The Ultimate Productivity Driver
27 Jul

The Power of Intention—The Ultimate Productivity Driver

You may be constantly setting goals, but do you set intentions?  You may be asking yourself, what’s the difference?  Let’s break it down.

When we set a goal, we think realistically.  We step back, analyze our current situation and plan out what steps we need to take to reach that goal.  

Intention in a nutshell is how we commit to showing up.  Intention, regardless of external forces, is how we choose to be, how we approach our life and the quality we decide to embody.  

Goals are inconsistent and can be completely out of your control—life may have other plans.  

With clear intention, no matter what is thrown at you, you have the power in your hands to keep your word.  

The Power of Intention

“A day without intention is a day wasted.  Without intention, there can be no productivity, and in turn no success.” –Richard Branson

We all know that time is precious and it’s important to spend the 24 hours in a day wisely. Intention is your driving force for success and how you can be your most productive. How do you harness the power of intention?  We’re so glad you asked.  Let’s dive right in with these 3 simple tips.   

Get it Over With

the power of intention Mark Twain once said, “If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning.” Don’t let dread loom over the rest of the things you need to accomplish and distract you.  Get it done and move on!

Open Your Eyes

How often do you go through your day so distracted in your own head that you don’t notice much of what’s going on around you?  Make it a point to observe the world’s little wonders and you’ll instantly shift your perspective.  Set your intention to expand your focus and observe and appreciate things around you.  

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Every Day is a New Day

the power of intention Don’t get held up in yesterday’s challenges and focus too much on the past.  It can only hinder you from moving on and achieving future goals.  Wake up and start your day fresh as a daisy.  It’s a clean slate.  

Busy doesn’t mean productive. Be intentional with where you spend your time and what you spend your time on to become a productivity powerhouse.

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