4 Daily Strategies to Become a Productivity Powerhouse
16 Sep

4 Daily Strategies to Become a Productivity Powerhouse

No matter who you are or what your job is, we all have one thing in common: we all have the exact same amount of time at our disposal each and every day. So how is it that some people seem to maximize their productivity SO much better than others?

How you organize your daily routine (and yourself) and how you use every single second of your precious time can make all the difference productivity-wise.

Not to mention, in addition to increasing productivity, establishing a daily routine can be one of the key determining factors in your overall health and happiness!

We’ve rounded up 4 strategies that will give you the best possible start for a day full of energy, focus and productivity.

Be a morning person. You’ve heard the old saying, “the early bird gets the worm!” Turns out it’s true! Studies have suggested that people who are early to rise are more proactive than night owls in terms of overall productivity and willingness to take action. If you’re not a morning person by nature, try to get to bed earlier and establish a relaxing routine each night. Try these tips to learn how you can sleep better and love waking up in the mornings.

Start the day on a positive note. Starting your day with a positive mindset will set the tone for your mood and ultimately productivity. When you first look at yourself in the bathroom mirror, smile. This will instantly reduce any stress first thing with smile-producing, feel-good endorphins rushing through your body. Wake up feeling positive and it will carry on through the rest of your day!

Don’t let email take control. It’s so easy to start checking email before your feet even touch the floor in the morning. The bad thing about starting your day with emails is that it can throw off productivity or start the day off on the wrong foot since you’re responding and reacting to other people’s agendas instead of setting your own course for the day ahead. Fight the urge to let others dictate your schedule and hold off on checking email until you’re at the office.

Work it out. Researchers at the University of Bristol have discovered that exercising can improve your mood and ability to deal with all of work’s demands and stress. If you get some exercise in before work, you will feel better physically and emotionally. It will also increase your productivity levels all day long!

Don’t shrug off the importance of a daily routine. When you start your day off right, it can mean the difference between a day full of energy and productivity and dragging your feet all day.

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