Your Quick Guide to Business Professional Attire
08 Dec

Your Quick Guide to Business Professional Attire

When you are in the business world, you need to know how to dress appropriately for any given situation.  Meetings with new clients, presentations, and job interviews all call for business professional attire.  Some office environments even call for a business professional look daily.  Bringing your A-game by preparing for that meeting or prepping for your presentation are only half of your readiness equation.  The other half is looking the part.  

While there are no rules in fashion, there are rules for fashion in the workplace.

We’ve put together a few basic guidelines for how to dress business professional for career success.

Business Professional Basics for Men

Wearing a two-piece suit is typically the expected business attire for men.   Here is an easy checklist for men’s business professional criteria:

  • Always don a crisp, clean look from head to toe
  • Wear a nice, slick tie
  • Make sure your dress shoes are always clean and shined.  Leather shoes are a timeless option and should be the same tone or darker than your trousers
  • Hair should be well kept and your face clean shaven
  • Select nice socks
  • Make sure your suit is the right fit.  The shoulders should be square and trousers should break just before the shoe
  • Keep your nails clean
  • Clothes should always be ironed and fresh.  Loose buttons or stains are a no-go
  • Wear a classic watch
  • Always remember to dress to the same level as, or a level above, your clients

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Business Professional Basics for Women

  • Woman should wear a conservative look
  • If you choose to wear a skirt with your blazer and blouse instead of dress pants, always double check that it isn’t too short.  Basically, if you can see too much thigh when you’re sitting with your legs crossed, it’s too short
  • Keep hair combed and clean
  • Combining a blazer with a nice pair of trousers or a pencil skirt is a winning combination for a successful business professional look
  • Part of your overall look is picking an appropriate perfume for daytime.  Make sure it’s light and not overpowering
  • Keep your jewelry simple

Dressing to impress is more important than ever.  The next time you’re putting effort into prepping for that meeting or interview, don’t forget to put effort into your style as well.  

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