Real Estate Agent Tips:  Creating a Memorable Client Experience
04 Aug

Real Estate Agent Tips: Creating a Memorable Client Experience

As a real estate agent in order to stand  out among the rest, it’s not enough to just send your clients a few emails or postcards each year.  To be successful and unforgettable, you need to show that you truly care.

Don’t be forgettable—creating a memorable experience is a must.  Delivering a unique and memorable experience is a sure way to get clients to want to hire you again in the future, and refer you to their friends and family – the lifeline for most real estate agents.

Here are some of the best real estate agent tips on making sure your client’s experience with you isn’t a forgettable one.  

Send a gift.  

You’ve done your job finding your client the home of their dreams.  That’s that, right?  Wrong.  You want to show that you genuinely care about your clients, and remind them of what an amazing real estate agent you are.  What better way to cap off their awesome experience than to give your clients something that will keep this milestone–and you–at the forefront of their mind.  Here are 7 memorable housewarming gift ideas from inman that will let your clients know they are appreciated.  

Get personal.  

We all get those fake postcards from the doctor or dentist on your birthday or major holidays.  Avoid this inauthentic approach and instead pick out a greeting card and write a personalized message that takes maybe 10 minutes of your time.  Try to find and document important life events such as the birth of a child or promotion at work to show you are really paying attention to what’s happening in their life.

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Be authentic.  

It’s always a great idea to be professional, but don’t turn your client interactions into an “act”.  Clients are more apt to do business with you and like you if you are genuine.  Being authentic doesn’t require gimmicks or flashy clothes.  Be sincere, treat your clients with the utmost care and always be yourself.

Be enthusiastic.  

Your clients can sense whether you are passionate about what you do or if are just punching the clock and going through the motions.  If you exude positive energy and show your love for the real estate industry, they will be eager to connect with you and embrace that energy.  Enthusiasm is contagious!   Get excited about their future and offer the most positive experience possible and clients will be excited to spread the word about you time and time again.  

Do you want to be the real estate agent that creates a unique and memorable experience for your clients? Do you want to be the agent that took the time to consider the finer details to impress your clients?  If greater success if what you’re looking for, then we recommend you answer yes to those questions! Take these real estate agent tips to heart to ensure your client’s experience is an enjoyable and memorable one.   It will pay off!

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