8 Reasons Why We Love Speech Pathologists
01 Feb

8 Reasons Why We Love Speech Pathologists

Becoming an SLP is no easy task, but the career comes with a lot of rewards. As humans, communication is a vital part of our existence, and the ability to do it well is a skill that is often taken for granted. Speech pathologists can help all individuals better communicate through speech, no matter your age, skill level, or biological differences.

Speech pathologists are special people for a lot of reasons, but here are eight reasons that prove how awesome they truly are.

8 Ways Speech Pathologists Prove They’re the Best Humans

1. SLPs make a difference in people’s lives and futures.

The impact speech pathologists have on the lives of others is immeasurable. Those who work with children can really see the impact over time. A child can go from barely speaking to forming their very own sentences effortlessly! The satisfaction of truly making a positive impact on someone’s life makes being an SLP one of the best jobs around.

2. They’re very accessible.

Many people are unaware that speech and language pathologists are trained in communication and swallowing for the entire human lifespan: from birth until death! This means SLPs have a variety of options for employment and are much more accessible than some might think.

Some places where you might find a qualified speech pathologist include:

  • Early Intervention Programs
  • Public School Systems
  • Private School Systems
  • Private Clinics/Private Practice
  • Hospital Inpatient
  • Hospital Outpatient
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Home Health Agencies
  • Corporations/Businesses (for services such as accent reduction)
  • Other for profit or non profit agencies that provide speech & language services

3. Speech pathologists thrive on diversity.

No two clients, despite having the same diagnosis are ever the same. And SLPs embrace and celebrate that! Diversity makes their career interesting, and it also means they are more accessible to all different kinds of people, from all different backgrounds.

In addition, SLPs are also equipped to help those with bilingual needs. Sometimes it’s not necessarily a speech difficulty as it is learning the ins and outs of a new language and accent. Speech pathologists can help with that.

4. They are continually learning and improving.

Speech pathologists have to keep up with their continuing education, and all of this additional learning makes them even more valuable to their prospective clients. They’re able to apply their new knowledge every day and help even more people.

5. Speech pathology requires creativity and SLPs deliver!

Because every client is so different, speech pathology requires SLPs to get creative in order to meet each of their clients’ needs. SLPs don’t necessarily have a specific curriculum to follow, which means they usually tailor a program to fit their clients’ specific diagnosis and personality. Talk about client-centered care!

6. Sometimes they choose to specialize, which can be a major benefit for the client.

Though SLPs leave graduate school with the training to work in any setting with any type of client, they have the ability to specialize in the areas that they love the most, or that they feel is most meaningful. This may mean working exclusively with children or adults.

For some, this may mean specializing even further by disorder type like swallowing, stroke, early language intervention, stuttering, or motor speech disorders. Other SLPs choose to stay up-to-date and work in all areas of the field. No matter what they choose, having the ability to choose a specialist in speech pathology is a huge win for the client.

7. They celebrate with you.

While you may feel good about the progress you or your child is making, trust that the speech pathologist feels like celebrating, too! Every step taken by the client towards meeting their goals is a huge win, and SLPs bask in it. They truly want you to do well and get through your exercises. They’re here to cheer you on in your speech-language journey, and that kind of support is amazing.

8. SLPs are always educating and empowering.

They aren’t just working tirelessly with you or your child. They’re also great at giving you tools and the confidence to make adjustments and progress in the future. As one speech language pathologist shared with us, they “love educating and empowering the parents of the children I work with. Watching a parent have an ‘ah-ha’ moment and knowing that the ‘ah ha’ moment will lead to more progress in their child? Priceless.”

And there you have it! Eight reasons why speech pathology is truly an awesome profession.

Did any of these resonate with you? If you’re thinking of becoming a speech pathologist, just know that you’ll be making a true difference in the lives of others.

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